New iPhone & Apple Watch Thoughts

Apple I watched the Apple event eagerly on Wednesday because the battery on my iPhone 7 Plus has been getting a little warm lately. Not Samsung Galaxy Note 7 warm, thank goodness, but uncomfortable warm, yes. Here are my thoughts & impressions, so far.

The iPhone 7 Plus: I want that new camera so much, and its abilities in low light. The water resistance is a definate win, as the last time I was caught in the rain on a walk with my phone in hand I had a terrified run back to my office.

I am torn about the loss of the headphone jack. I don’t mind using the included adaptor for my current 3.5 mm headphones and the concerns people have stated about losing that make me think, “But I will just leave the adaptor connected to my headphones. Unless I ALSO lose my headphones this is a non-issue.” But losing the ability to charge and listen at the same time is a deal breaker for me at this point. I listen to music and/or podcasts on my phone for almost my ENTIRE workday (I’m a software tester, I don’t make calls or have many meetings). I prefer to be able to let it charge while I am doing that, and not have to worry about the battery levels after I leave the handy vicinity of all of the power plugs at my desk.

So the solution to that is to use the AirPods, right? You know, if I have an extra 160 bucks laying around. Hmm. Battery life on those is only 5 hours. Ok, that’s half my workday. 15 minutes in their little case is 3 more hours of power for them. Ok. so if I charge them while I drive to lunch, that might work.

However, I have never had an Apple earbud that will actually stay in my tiny, little ears. I put them in, move my head, and boom, they fall out. If I manage to jam them in so that they don’t fall out, it hurts. I currently use Yurbuds for Women. It’s the only earbuds I have ever found that I can use and run with at the same time.

For right now, until someone brings this technology to something I know will remain in my ears, I am sticking with my Yurbuds.

What about road trips? I have a 2008 Scion TC, and I connect my iPhone to the auxilliary jack for Maps navigation and music/podcasts. The ports are in my center console: a power jack with a USB adaptor with a lightening cable plugged in, and the auxilliary jack. There’s no way I can take long road trips (and in Texas, they are all long) without GPS navigation and not need to charge my phone. I will have to replace my radio with one that has bluetooth. And with my luck, I would probably end up losing my ability to connect my ancient iPod with my entire music collection on it & control it from the steering wheel.

Lastly, we come to the Apple Watch series 2. Better water resistance: Yes, please! PokemonGo: Yes PLEASE! Though I am hoping it won’t require the newer watch and I will be able to have it on my current one, so I am not foolishly impelled to lay down for the new watch as soon as the app is available. I don’t think I need the features of the Nike model, but I am looking forward to the watchband knock-offs – that ventilated design will be nice in the Texas heat. I am hoping the connectors for the watchbands remained the same, so that all the (knock-off) bands I have now will work with the new one if/when I get it.

Am I going to get them? A whole lot of maybe right now – as I prefer to pay in full all at once – no 2 year money commitments for me, thanks. I need to save up the money for it, and a new phone plus a new watch is… let me calculate that…ouch. $1238 minimum before tax, before AppleCare. That’s just for phone and watch, not even getting into new earbuds and new bluetooth radio for the car.

(Also, can we pause a moment for my watch size + finish + watchband available combinations rage? Ooo, I like that gold stainless with the cocoa band – oh, sorry, that’s only in the 42 mm size, sorry, people with twig-like wrists!)

All this means, I will probably wait a bit while I save money and consider my options in relation to the concerns above. But I waaaaaant shiny new toys. I do. But Apple, I need to eat something besides ramen, so this will take awhile.

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