Buy Nothing Summer & MinsGame Wrap-Up


August is over, and I wanted to review how I did on my self-imposed challenges.

First off was Buy Nothing Summer, which I did for just August this year because I had a trip in the middle of June & July. Did pretty good – I had one day where I broke down and went shopping, but it was for personal care stuff that will eventually be used up, so I don’t feel too bad about it. Here’s to next year! I don’t know yet if I will do a full Buy Nothing Summer for the 7th edition, but we will see!

Then was MinsGame, which is a challenge from The Minimalists that I learned about through Courtney Carver of Project 333. Basically, you get rid of an ever increasing number of things through the month – 1 item on the first, 2 on the second, and so on. I skipped 4 days during my challenge – one from falling asleep, and 1 from forgetting, and 2 from laziness! But still it culminated in me getting rid of over 450 things! I say over because sometimes I grouped things together (say, counting an electronic device and its power cable as one thing instead of individually) instead of counting them separately. Some of those things were books, which I took to Half Price Books and sold, so I made about $30 for the project – yay!

I will definitely do MinsGame again in the future – it was quite liberating, but a little tedious towards the end of the month when the number of items to find started to add up! I won’t do it this month though, that is a little overwhelming to me to do it for 2 months in a row!  Maybe in January or February.

The next self-imposed challenges I will be doing is in October for Inktober, and then November for NaNoWriMo! Wish me luck!

Above is a gallery of all of the items that I got rid of for MinsGame.


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